Blogging: What does work?

As I am completely new to the world of Blogging, I researched what were the successful techniques I will need to have a thriving blog.

In doing so I found that many businesses and individuals use blogs to express themselves, advance their brands, to drive traffic and ideally produce sales.

“Over 399 million people view more than 14.3 billion pages each month.”[1]

Here are points I have collected in my research. They are quick wins and lasting concepts for anyone who wants to run a successful blog:

1. Commitment: Blogs are completely free, how good is that? In order for your blog to grow strong and healthy, they require a lot of time and care. The commitment is dependent on various factors (when you post, the length of your posts) but depending on the engagement you receive and want to post, you should aim to spend at least 30minutes to an hour per day.

2. Consistency: To start you should pick a topic you know well and are passionate about. Will it be based on politics? Will it speak about your favourite deserts? How specialised will your blog be?

Stand out - Image taken from FMI Group

You can pre plan your content weeks in advance to help you get started and then you will go with the flow of your audience. The more specific and consistent your content, the better chance your blog has at being a great success. “As of 2011, over 100,000 new WordPresses are created every day”[2] wow thats a lot right! You are competing against all of them, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

3. Audience: As much as we would like to have every single person on the planet read our blogs, sadly some people just won’t have any interest. Trying to write for everyone is an impossible task, so don’t try to. Link your blog website to an analytics website, this will measure your audience and help you determine the audience you are writing for.

You can also have your audience subscribe to email notifications every time you post on your blog. This again will help you determine who your audience truly is.

By learning this key information you can alter your content or style to how your audience views your blog. As a result of doing this you will guarantee a strong audience and stronger aim in them sharing with their friends, family and co workers.

4. Findable: We live in a world where we are one way or another finable, be that via Facebook, LinkedIn or have our own website. When putting all this effort into your blog, you want your blog to be findable. Advertise it on your own online and offline worlds. A popular way to drive traffic is to ask your friends, family and co workers to share your blog weblink with their friends on social media platforms.

Findable - Image taken from By collecting data from your audience, ideally an email address, you can keep them in the loop by sending out monthly emails. The email can summarise your recent activity you have been posting and titles for the forthcoming posts you will write.

Other useful tactics would be to use a RSS feed. This way your audience can subscribe to your blog and always be in the know.

5.Sharable: When looking at other blogs, bloggers can make it difficult for their audience to share their content. How else do you expect your blog to go viral? So ensure that you have a social widget that allows your audience to easily share on their personal social media platforms. If you look at the bottom of this post, I have inserted a social widget – Go on, share it!

6. Mobile: I found an interesting article about Amazon “Citi Analyst Neil Doshi estimated that Amazon generates $3 billion to $5 billion in mobile sales, and Amazon’s 2012 revenue forecast predicts that the company’s total net sales will total around $60 billion.” [3] Thats a lot of money right?! The reason for Amazon’s mobile success, is because they have mobile optimized their website. This makes their customers feel comfortable using it and of course shopping on it.

This may not be a priority but make it one of your aims to have your blog mobile optimized.

7. Contributors: This should also be on your wish list, when your blog picks up a strong audience following, you may wish to have others writing on your blog. We don’t want to take anything away from what you’re writing about and its content but slightly deviate the content in what’s posted can attract new followers. This can be done on a trial basis, perhaps once a month to begin with and see the audiences reaction.

You will be surprised as your blog continues to grow, larger successful blogs may wish to contribute.

Voila! Simple right?

There will be nothing more rewarding to see your blood, sweat and tears pay off with a large group audience hanging off your every word.

Good luck!



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